Hot to make watermelon granita

Posted on2021-07-12

When the temperature is hot like these days, a refreshing break is just what you need. Watermelon granita is the perfect dessert to face the summer. Fresh and fruity, sweet but light, to always keep ready in the freezer. To prepare it, you only need a few ingredients and a little patience: after placing it in the freezer, we must, in fact, remember to mix it every half hour for the next three hours.

Let's see how to prepare a creamy watermelon granita together, without ice cream maker.


1 mini organic watermelon

350 g of ice cubes

4 tablespoons of sugar


Cut the watermelon into small pieces, taking care to remove the black seeds. Add the sugar and mix gently until completely absorbed. Put the watermelon in the freezer and let it cool for about 4 hours. After the necessary time, pour the watermelon and ice cubes into an electric blender, until the ice has completely crumbled.


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