Summer salad of legumes

Posted on2021-07-12

Legumes, in this heat? Of course yes, just find the right way to enjoy them. Today we offer you a summer recipe based on legumes that, we are sure, will become one of your favorites: the lentil salad. Simple to prepare, fresh, nutritious and tasty, perfect as a single dish or as a beach lunch.

To prepare it, just a few ingredients are enough, such as our organic lentils and organic cherry tomatoes.


250 g of organic lentils

about 10 organic cherry tomatoes

1 fresh spring onion



fresh chili

extra virgin olive oil




Leave the lentils to soak for a couple of hours, then cook them in plenty of salted water until they are tender (be careful not to overcook them, they must not lose consistency).

Drain the cooked lentils and let them cool completely. Cut the cherry tomatoes, spring onion and chilli into small pieces and mix them together with the now cold lentils. Also add plenty of chopped basil and parsley, season with salt, sprinkle with a handful of pepper and add a little oil.

Your summer lentil salad is ready to be enjoyed!


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