I grani antichi arrivano in Collina

Posted on2021-07-08

With a view to expanding production, we have been working on the cultivation of ancient Sicilian grains for about three years. Three hectares dedicated only to these grains. Three varieties, which we believe to be the tastiest and most versatile.


- Timilia, Sicilian durum wheat

- Perciasacchi, Sicilian durum wheat

- Maiorca, Sicilian soft wheat


We have chosen them to give continuity to our philosophy, namely that of cultivating health.

We all know by now that these grains are much more digestible, compulsorily cultivated according to traditional methods, where the quality of gluten is much better than modern grains, full of harmful and indigestible substances (glyphosate aside). We want to continue to offer quality, despite the quantity and yield of these grains is significantly lower than that of a conventional product.



The certified organic fields are not far from the headquarters of the farm, dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of citrus vegetables and fruit.

The first year we worked the land, the next two we replanted part of the seeds and transformed part of it. Some of our customers have already been able to taste our processed products and from their comments (and reorders) we can say that they were satisfied.

Among the products we have both Timilia wheat and Perciasacchi wheat pasta, wholemeal flours, biscuits without animal fats, rusks, and from next autumn there will be many new features.

All certified organic.



Our goal is to close the supply chain, also offering a processed product, and not just fresh, that is of excellent quality and that is full of nutrients. The serious problem today is precisely that of eating often food full of pesticides and chemicals and lacking in nutrients.

We want to make an organic with certain criteria and values; an organic that respects as much as possible seasonality, the cycle of nature, the turnover of the land; an organic that uses only natural and plant products. We try to combine a traditional vision of nature and the countryside with the innovation of the blockchain system: a further digital certification that tells all the information relating to the history of each product, from sowing to harvesting, to the table of our customers. We are increasing the certification system more and more in order to make our products more transparent and more traceable.


Nature gives us incomparable gifts, if we exploit it too much or humiliate it with chemistry it will never be able to give us products capable of nourishing body and mind.


We cultivate nature. We cultivate respect. We cultivate values. We cultivate health.


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